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Etchall 16oz

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332416 Etchall Dip-N-Etch 16 oz

click here for Etchall Dip n Etch Liquid MSDS

Reusable liquid glass and bead etch. Permanently etches or mattes glass beads and "fingerprint proofs" them. Pour this solution into a plastic container and submerge your bead for 15 minutes or so and then rinse the bead with water. When your done just pour the Dip-N-Etch back into the bottle and save it for next time. 

NOTE: Double Helix Glass formulas are resistant to degradation from both acidic and basic chemicals, including atmospheric moisture and contaminants, body oils and acids, and therefore do not respond to EtchAll solutions. Olympia Rain, Kronos2, Gaia, and Nyx are susceptible to chemical solutions, as they are made from Italian Cullet.

Permanently etches designs on: glass, mirror, slate and removes ceramic glazes.

Wear protective gloves, safety glasses and clothing. Always work with adequate ventilation. Please see safety information on bottle for further instructions.


  • Model: 332416