3/32 Puffy Mandrel

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3/32" Diameter
1 mandrel $10.00

Make hollow beads much easier than the old fashioned way, using these stainless steel tube mandrels with a small blow hole on their side. They are 12" long and have a small hole drilled in their side near one end of the tube. Dip the end of the Puffy Mandrel, that has the side blow hole, in mandrel release, well past the side hole, as you would a regular mandrel. Place your finger over the dipped end of the mandrel and gently blow through the other end to clear out the mandrel release from the side blow hole, leaving the dipped end of the mandrel tube plugged. As with the traditional way of making hollow beads, start by creating two disks of glass on either side of the side blow hole. After the symmetrical disks are formed, bring their edges together using a graphite paddle. Now is where the Puffy Mandrel shows its stuff. Heat the glass to be pliable and gently blow thorough the cool end of the mandrel to form the shape.




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