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Borosilicate Eye Protection Clip on shade 3 flips ups.

Lightweight, plastic clip-on, flip-up spectacles are excellent for filtering UV and IR rays. They will fit almost any frame style.  You will need an additional ACE 202 filter to go with these clip on to get the most protection for your eyes.

ACE Lenses

Known as Phillips 202, or one of several other trade names, ACE is the name Schott calls their most popular lampworking filter lens. ACE exceeds light filtering in the UV (ultra violet), near IR (infrared) and sodium flare spectrums than the old rose didymium lenses. Sodium flare is the bright yellow orange light that hot glass produces while in the flame, It is also what irritates and fatigues your eyes the most. In addition, ACE color enhances red, blue and green, making it easier to see a glass' true color and judge its temperature while you work.

Green ACE Lenses

Green ACE Shade #5

The actual color of the lens will look different when viewing incandescent verses fluorescent light, as well as on different computer monitors.  Green ACE, also known as Boroscopes Version 2, is a lens that gives extra protection in the UV, IR, and of particular notice, the bright glow that very hot glass gives off, while still eliminating nearly all the sodium flare as regular ACE does. This is important when working hard glass (borosilicate), and especially hard glass colors, because hard glass is generally worked at hotter temperatures. These hotter temperatures increase all of these levels, to the point of becoming potentially harmful, as well as being uncomfortable, if not properly filtered. Green ACE #3 and the even darker #5 are considerably darker than regular ACE. The #3 shade is generally adequate for most hard glass lampworking, if the glass is worked at lower to moderate temperatures. The darker #5 shade is suggested for working conditions where the glass becomes so hot that it has an excessive brightness and/or the work piece is very large. Regular ACE lenses can work for use with hard glass, if and only if, you work the glass at cooler temperatures and the glass does not have a very bright glow. Green ACE does tend to flatten out colors.

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