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Loren Stump - Beginner Murrine

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Loren Stump - Beginner Murrine

Nov 30-Dec 2 2017

For people who have never taken a Loren Stump class or a murrine class.   This 3 day class will involve making simple shaped murrine canes such as flowers, leaves, bugs and basic shaded components.  How to heat, cap, and pull simple designs without losing the basic shape is a fundamental skill, and will be extensively covered.  Making multiple component pieces and assemble into a more detailed murrine cane will also be  covered.  Each student will then have hands on time, to make their own.  As class progresses, some murrine sculpting and solid sculpting will be covered.  This workshop is designed for the soft glass or borosilicate student.  Keep in mind that if you are working with borosilicate glass will be a slower process.  Beginners welcome!




  • Model: Nov 30-Dec 2 Beginner Murrine