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Parrot Fish Lamp

Price: $3,500.00

Parrot Fish Lamp

A lively and colorful piece of artfulness to enjoy.  This one of a kind lamp is guaranteed to bring a smile to all ages.  Handmade craftmanship, with several months of detailed labor went into this artwork.  This lamp is made up of hundreds of individual glass scales, pods, petals and leaves.  A techniques called lampworking, which uses a torch to melt and shape soft glass rods, is used to achieve this.  Bright greens and yellows, down to deep purples and indigos are carefully arranged to allow for a delightful 360 degree view.  Everything is wired into a metal frame, which is securely anchored to a gold colored brass lamp.  Uses a 60 watt led tube bulb and has a standard 120 plug.  The light has a roll switch for manuel on and off.  Stands approximately 13.5" tall and is about 12" from lips to tail.  This piece requires third party shipping with special handling and insurance. 











  • Model: Parrot Fish Lamp