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Price listed is per pound. There is a .10 lb. minimum on borosilicate colored rod. This is approximately one 20 inch length of 7-8mm glass. This is 32-33 C.O.E. hard glass.  All Northstar glass sold is first quality rod.  

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(image for) NS Dark Ruby Rod
NS Dark Ruby Rod
NS-08 Dark Ruby is the most saturated of the transparent striking rubies...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Yellow Transparent Rod
Northstar Yellow Transparent Rod
NS-09 Yellow is an eye catching striking transparent yellow. It can be...

$64.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Violet Transparent Rod
Northstar Violet Transparent Rod
NS-32 Violet is a light transparent redish purple. It is atmospherically...

$87.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Unobtainium Rod
Northstar Unobtainium Rod
NS-104 Unobtainium is a very dense gun metal blue with lots of sparkle. It...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Turquesa Rod
Northstar Turquesa Rod
NS-15 Turquesa is a more saturated version of NS-14 Irrid and produces...

$64.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Turbo Cobalt Transparent Rod
Northstar Turbo Cobalt Transparent Rod
NS-33 Turbo Cobalt is the most intense cobalt blue in the Northstar...

$49.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Turbo Amethyst Rod
Northstar Turbo Amethyst Rod
NS-113 Turbo Amethyst is a smooth dark violet. This color is an...

$61.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Tan Silver Creek Rod
Northstar Tan Silver Creek Rod
NS-114 Tan Silver Creek is a yellowish cream color. It can yield rich...

$61.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Super Unobtainium Rod
Northstar Super Unobtainium Rod
NS-119 Super Unobtainium is a dark blue sparkle. This color has lots of...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Sublime Rod
Northstar Sublime Rod
NS-66 Sublime is a transparent iridescent signal light green. It is the...

$87.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Steel Wool Rod
Northstar Steel Wool Rod
NS-129 Steel Wool is a unique addition to the borosilicate color palette....

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Star White Rod
Northstar Star White Rod
NS-54 Star White is a creamy fully opaque white. It is an indispensable...

$64.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Skyline Rod
Northstar Skyline Rod
NS-83 Skyline is a fully opaque bright baby blue. It is well suited for...

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Silver Bullet Rod
Northstar Silver Bullet Rod
NS-102 Silver Bullet is a look alike of NS-44 Caramel. It is a rich...

$64.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Silver Aqua Rod
Northstar Silver Aqua Rod
NS-133 Silver Aqua is a silver version of NS-126 Opaque Aqua that can...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Rust Rod
Northstar Rust Rod
NS-43 Rust is a fully opaque striking ruby. It can yield a bright...

$70.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Ruby Rod
Northstar Ruby Rod
Ruby is a vibrant transparent striking ruby. Of the three shades of ruby,...

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Ruby K Rod
Northstar Ruby K Rod
NS-82 Ruby K has been developed to mitigate the difficulties of striking...

$90.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Rootbeer Rod
Northstar Rootbeer Rod
NS-37 Rootbeer is a striking red that can yield numerous effects ranging...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Red Exotic Rod
Northstar Red Exotic Rod
NS-29 Red Exotic: The Exotic family contains the most saturated striking...

$81.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Rapsody Rod
Northstar Rapsody Rod
NS-90 Rhapsody is a nice dark transparent purple. If used in thicker...

$63.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Purple Urple Rod
Northstar Purple Urple Rod
NS-101 Purple Urple is a dark purple that looks like NS-80 Hyacinth but...

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Pomegranate Rod
Northstar Pomegranate Rod
NS-88 Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family...

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Plum Krazy Rod
Northstar Plum Krazy Rod
NS-93 Plum Krazy is a dark transparent faux purple that strikes to a rich...

$76.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Pink Transparent Rod
Northstar Pink Transparent Rod
NS-23 Pink is a light transparent bright pink. It is atmospherically...

$87.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Periwinkle Rod
Northstar Periwinkle Rod
NS-55 Periwinkle is a fully opaque baby blue that is great for blown work,...

$68.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Peach Transparent Rod
Northstar Peach Transparent Rod
NS-25 Peach is a bright transparent golden color that is another member of...

$127.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Oregon Gray Rod
Northstar Oregon Gray Rod
NS-95 Oregon Gray  An atmospherically stable opal. Work slowly in a...

$72.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Orange Rod
Northstar Orange Rod
NS-05 Orange is a bright transparent striking orange that is well suited...

$81.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Opaque Aqua Rod
Northstar Opaque Aqua Rod
NS-126 Opaque Aqua is a very nice opal blue green color. It is well suited...

$58.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
Displaying 1 to 30 (of 79 Products)
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