Northstar Boro Color

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Price listed is per pound. There is a .10 lb. minimum on borosilicate colored rod. This is approximately one 20 inch length of 7-8mm glass. This is 32-33 C.O.E. hard glass.  All Northstar glass sold is first quality rod.  

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(image for) Northstar Dark Orange Rod
Northstar Dark Orange Rod
NS-06 Dark Orange is a more saturated version of NS-05 Orange. It is well...

$70.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Dark Multi Rod
Northstar Dark Multi Rod
NS-04 Dark Multi is the more intense version of NS-03 Multi and will yield...

$66.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Dark Garnet Rod
Northstar Dark Garnet Rod
NS-87 Garnet Dark is the most saturated self striking Ruby Northstar...

$70.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Dark Cobalt Blue Rod
Northstar Dark Cobalt Blue Rod
NS-20 Dark Cobalt is the second most saturated of the four shades of...

$49.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Dark Blue Amber Purple Rod
Northstar Dark Blue Amber Purple Rod
NS-49 Dark Blue Amber/Purple is the more intense version of Light/Blue...

$68.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Dark Amethyst Rod
Northstar Dark Amethyst Rod
NS-106 Dark Amethyst is a light transparent violet color. This is a ?what...

$57.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Cobalt Blue Transparent Rod
Northstar Cobalt Blue Transparent Rod
NS-01 Of the four shades of cobalt blue Northstar produces, this ranks as...

$49.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Caramel Rod
Northstar Caramel Rod
NS-44 Caramel: A lush bright silvery color. Oxidize for creamy tan hues....

$73.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Butterscotch Rod
Northstar Butterscotch Rod
NS-41 Butterscotch is a semi opaque buttery tan color. It can yield rich...

$70.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Bubbblegum Rod
Northstar Bubbblegum Rod
NS-62 Bubblegum is a fully opaque flamingo pink. It is atmospherically...

$89.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Blue Spruce Rod
Northstar Blue Spruce Rod
NS-79 Blue Spruce: Just as trees have growth rings; Blue Spruce will...

$73.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Blue Moon Rod
Northstar Blue Moon Rod
NS-45 Blue Moon is a favorite striking colors in the Northstar palette....

$66.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Blue Green Rod
Northstar Blue Green Rod
NS-38 Intense Blue Green is the more saturated version of NS-15 Turquesa....

$63.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Blue Exotic Rod
Northstar Blue Exotic Rod
NS-28 Blue Exotic: The Exotic family contains the most saturated striking...

$89.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Blue Caramel Rod
Northstar Blue Caramel Rod
NS-81 Blue Caramel is a lush high intensity silvery striking color. If...

$84.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Black Lightning Rod
Northstar Black Lightning Rod
NS-100 Black Lightning is a very dense black with silver. NS-100 Black...

$73.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Berry Gumbolt Rod
Northstar Berry Gumbolt Rod
NS-103 Berry Gumbolt is a fully opaque saturated dark blue. It is well...

$57.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Aurora Rod
Northstar Aurora Rod
NS-47 Aurora is the most unique member of the exotic family. It is the...

$78.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Amber Purple Rod
Northstar Amber Purple Rod
NS-13 Amber/Purple: Of the striking colors in the borosilicate palette the...

$70.50DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
(image for) Northstar Alaskan Thunder Rod
Northstar Alaskan Thunder Rod
NS-111 Alaskan Thunder is a black blue silver color. When worked in an...

$66.00DetailsMin:  0.1 Units:  0.1
Displaying 61 to 80 (of 80 Products)
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