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FlameTree Glass, Inc is a glass art gallery with a large supply of lampwork beads, unique glass jewelry, findings, crystals and handmade glass art of all kinds. We represent many different glass artisans in our front glass art gallery.  FlameTree has it all from beads, pendants, marbles, paperweights, vases, bowls, goblets, glass sculptures, plates and sake sets.  We have the best pricing on all of our glass art, jewelry, findings and beads.  Our in house glass artisans can custom create anything from wedding goblets to custom jewelry for any special occasion.

FlameTree Glass, Inc is also a glass supply store.  We carry a wide variety of soft glass rods including Effetre, Vetrofond, and Messy Color.  In borosilicate we carry Northstar, Glass Alchemy, Paramore, Trautman, Borostix and Import color glass rods.  We also stock a wide selection of borosilicate clear rod and tube, frits, tools and other glass blowing supplies.

In addition, we also have a state of the art teaching facility complete with several kinds of torches, ventilation system and multiple digital computer controlled kilns.  All professionally installed electrical system, gas lines and ventilation ducting.  From the novice to the advanced student all benefit from taking the myriad of workshops at FlameTree.  We bring in internationally celebrated flameworking instructors to offer classes from glass bead making, glass sculpting to glass blowing.  Lance McRorie is one of our in house flameworking instructors.  He teaches classes in both soft and hard glass, everything from sculpting, encasing, and blowing.  

The Artistry of Glass

FlameTree Glass, Inc.

Artistry is revealed through a variety of mediums, unveiling the hidden beauty in everyday objects. While most people recognize the practical uses for glass, many overlook the creative, artistic value of glass.  For FlameTree Glass, the beautiful and artistic qualities of glass are essential. Located in historic Roswell, FlameTree Glass creates decorative and practical items to accentuate your home and your life, including vases, goblets, pendants, jewelry, glass beads and sculptures. The original and unique pieces of art offered at FlameTree Glass are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and special events, and can be custom created according to your specifications.

“FlameTree isn’t just a business, it’s my life,” shared Lance McRorie, co-owner of FlameTree Glass with his wife, Maureen. “I’ve always been an artist in my heart, and this is what I love to do. It’s my passion.” Lance and Maureen were introduced to glass art nearly ten years ago in a beginner’s glass bead-making class. They fell in love with the art and slowly began accumulating the necessary tools to develop their own creations. After sharing their passion for the art by teaching beginner’s classes in a bead store, Lance and Maureen opened FlameTree Glass as a retail supply shop complete with glass art gallery and state-of-the-art flameworking studio.  They design and create most of the items available in the gallery at FlameTree Glass.  There are two large viewing windows that customers like to sit and watch the glass art as it's made.

In addition, FlameTree Glass offers workshops for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of glasswork. “We begin by teaching the basics and safety of glass art,” explained Lance.  The techniques offered are designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to become a flameworker, to create as an artist.” FlameTree Glass offers all-day workshops and shorter “Hot Spot” workshops in glass bead making, glass blowing, glass sculpting and many other techniques. Periodically, world-renowned flameworking artists are invited to instruct classes at FlameTree.

For more information, please call (678) 795-1702 or visit www.flametreeglass.com.


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